THOR Kitchen Unveils Innovative X-Series at KBIS 2024, Revolutionizing Luxury Appliances

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Monday, February 12, 2024 at 2:05pm UTC

THOR Kitchen Unveils Innovative X-Series at KBIS 2024, Revolutionizing Luxury Appliances

PR Newswire

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- THOR Kitchen, renowned for its commitment to affordable luxury in kitchen appliances, is set to make history once again at the 60th Annual KBIS Show in Las Vegas from February 27 to March 1, 2024. For the first time ever, THOR Kitchen will introduce the eagerly anticipated X-Series, a collection of built-in panel-ready products that elevate the brand's offerings to the higher echelons of the luxury kitchen appliance market while maintaining the affordability it is known for.

The THOR Kitchen X-Series boasts opulent and high-performing ranges, featuring powerful burners with precious metal finishes, designed to meet the discerning tastes of the luxury kitchen connoisseur. This new suite also includes built-in vent hoods and panel-ready refrigeration, providing designers with a comprehensive solution for creating exquisite and customized kitchen spaces.

"THOR Kitchen takes pride in spearheading the evolution of affordable luxury in kitchen appliances. The introduction of the X-Series at KBIS 2024 is a testament to THOR Kitchen's relentless pursuit of excellence, providing designer's and consumers with a sophisticated yet accessible catalog of options for crafting their dream kitchens. We're here to redefine industry standards, offering innovation, quality, and affordability in every product we unveil," said Timothy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager of THOR Kitchen.

This pivotal year for THOR Kitchen offers designers the opportunity to explore the brand's unique "Good, Better, and Best" pricing strategy. The A-Series kitchen suite caters to the good, or entry-level price point, while the new T-Series introduces tilt panel ranges at the best-selling mid-tier price point. The H and L Series ranges continue to offer excellence in the mid-tier, and the groundbreaking X-Series now stands as THOR Kitchen's flagship at the high-end price point, providing designers and customers with an unparalleled selection.

THOR Kitchen has a rich history of challenging industry norms, having disrupted the luxury appliance market years ago by introducing a full suite of commercial stainless steel kitchen appliances at an unprecedented $5,500. In 2024, THOR Kitchen continues its expansion into both lower and higher price points, catering to a broader clientele with diverse needs.

As part of the KBIS experience, THOR Kitchen invites attendees to witness cooking demonstrations by celebrity chef Bradley Miller, THOR Kitchen Brand Ambassador, host of Food Network's Food Truck Nation, and co-owner of the Inn of the Seventh Ray Restaurant in Los Angeles. With a record-breaking year in 2023, THOR Kitchen promises a breathtaking showcase, now spanning two stories at Booth W1665.

Industry leaders are encouraged to stop by the booth to explore THOR Kitchen's innovative products, gain insights into the brand's expansion, and discover the groundbreaking THOR Kitchen Affiliate Program. This incentive program allows sellers to earn commissions for their THOR Kitchen sales, and further details will be unveiled during the show.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness THOR Kitchen's evolution at KBIS 2024 – Booth W1665. For media inquiries or to schedule interviews, please contact Michele Kautz at or 570-772-1669.

About THOR Kitchen: THOR Kitchen is a leading provider of high-quality kitchen appliances, committed to delivering affordable luxury to homeowners and designers alike. With a history of innovation and industry disruption, THOR Kitchen continues to redefine expectations in the kitchen appliance market. For more information, visit

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